High Efficiency Gas Chargrills

High Efficiency Gas Chargrills

High Efficiency Gas Chargrills
4 Sizes Available
Heavy Duty
2 Years Warranty 

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High Efficiency Gas Chargrills

Opus 700 high efficiency gas chargrills
Infra-red ceramic plaque burners provide intense direct heat, making them highly efficient for professional catering. With less power required to produce hotter temperatures than can be achieved with conventional gas burners, it means less energy is required to deliver the desired result. Offering extremely fast heat up, the technology behind Opus 700 chargrills puts controllability at your fingertips. Burners can be switched off during quiet periods and turned back on only when needed, minimising energy wastage and cutting costs.

Powerful, highly efficient infra-red ceramic plaque burners for fast cooking and significant energy savings
Extremely fast heat up saves time and money
Heat zones individually controlled for maximum versatility
Burners can be turned to standby during quieter periods to save energy
Reversible design of branding grids for uninterrupted cooking
Unique design of radiants delivers the ideal amount of flaring for that delicious chargrilled taste
Large cooking area for maximum output
Sturdy one piece stainless steel splashguard, removable for easy cleaning
Convenient large debris collection drawers can be filled with water to ease cleaning

High Energy Savings
The new Opus 700 gas chargrills deliver higher cooking power than similarly rated conventional models. The new models typically save about 55% gas compared to the old model.

Inclusive Accessories
Branding griddle scraper
Cleaning Spatula

OG7404 -- 1500wide cooks 324 steaks per hour approx
OG7403-- 1200wide cooks 252 steaks per hour approx
OG7402 -- 900wide cooks 204 steaks per hour approx
OG7401 -- 600wide  cooks 122 steaks per hour approx