Cuppone Tiepolo Pizza Ovens

Cuppone Tiepolo Pizza Ovens

Tiepolo Pizza Oven
Mediuim Level Oven 
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This fabulous new addition to the Cuppone pizza oven range was brought in to plug a gap between the entry level and mid-range ovens and is perfect for takeaways, restaurants and gastropubs. Our entry level Cuppone Tiziano oven does not offer the upgraded technology that this new Tiepolo offers.

This fantastic oven has a control panel that allows control of the elements. The power setting for the elements ensures that the oven temperature is held no matter how full the oven is. The products will not burn if there is only one item and it will not take a long time to cook if the oven is fully loaded.

If the oven is left idle during quiet times it will not use unnecessary energy to keep the oven at optimum temperature but will be ready to produce a perfect result if the establishment becomes busy during peak times.

We have the option of a fully functioning extraction hood with motor to take all of the fumes and grease out of the cooking chamber. The hood needs to be extracted either out of the building or into an extraction system.

The main features of the Cuppone Tiepolo ovens are:

1. Stainless steel front

2. Door with panoramic glass window

3. Safety thermostat

4. Chamber lighting through a 12V halogen bulb

5. Separate extraction hood

6. Refractory bricks in cordierite

7. Independently controlled top and bottom heating elements on each deck

8. Mechanical control system with the ability to set the temperature of the chamber and the power of the two groups of heating elements (top and bottom) in a differentiated manner at minimum or maximum

9. Chamber pyrometer temperature control