Blodgett Free Standing Pizza Oven 36

Blodgett Free Standing Pizza Oven 36

Blodgett Free Standing Pizza Oven 36
18" Belt
Gas & Electric
2 Years Warranty 

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Blodgett Free Standing Pizza Oven 36

The Blodgett Oven Company is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial ovens in the world. Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name. The market-leading convection ovens have always been popular in the UK and for many years now, the Blodgett conveyor oven range, has been finding favour with both the key account sector as well as dealer business.

• Exterior - stainless steel top front & sides.
• Interior - stainless steel outer plates.
• 18" stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt.
• Two single inlet blowers behind the heat source for air circulation, supplying top & bottom air flow.


• Heat transferred through forced directed hot air impingement.
• Open vented baking compartment.
• Solid state digital controls to display set point and actual temperature as well as belt speed.
• Electronic spark ignition control system.
• Atmospheric type burner.
• Internal gas pressure regulator.
• Solid state speed control with motor feedback.
• Two circulation blower motors.
• 3 - 30 minute bake time.

Standard Features:

• Solid state controls.
• Field reversible belt direction.
• Removable belt direction.

Floorspace (mm) - 1537 x 1102
Belt Width (mm) - 457
Baking Zone Length (mm) - 1524
Electric: 3 phase, 17kw=73.9amps