Retigo 20 Grid

Retigo 20 Grid

Retigo 20 Grid
2 Styles 

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£ 11,303.80

Incl.VAT(£ 13,564.56)

RETIGO Blue Vision is the highest model series of RETIGO Vision combi ovens. Individual combi ovens are designed to offer everything the demanding user needs. It is controlled through the control panel, offering quick access to all key and special functions. All models in basic configuration are equipped with the functions of automatic cleaning system and Easy Cooking, a flap valve and four-point temperature core probe.

The Retigo Vision 2011 combi oven is ideal for operations with a capacity of 400-600 meals a day. The gastronorm container size is GN 1/1 (530x325 mm). This combi oven's basic equipment includes a trolley. Customers can also purchase wide-ranging accessories to go with this size combi oven - spare trolley, equipment for the banquet-style system of food service, etc. There is either an injection or boiler steam generation system. The heat source is electricity or gas.

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