Hot Food 2 Tier Display

Hot Food 2 Tier Display

Hot Food 2 Tier Display.
Counter top display.

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the new product range of serve over, top table counters brings attractive design and innovation to any fast-food outlets, restaurants, supermarket's "fresh corners" and fuel stations. The showcase THAYA is offered both in COLD as well as HOTversion, thus may present a very wide range of food from baguettes, sandwiches, desserts to grilled chicken, pizza and the like such as baguettes, sandwiches, drinks, pastries, etc.

  • Serve over
  • Variants HOT 
  • Available sizes: GN1, GN, GN2 High, GN3
  • Top table or DROP-IN by removing the front panel easily
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mirror Back doors
  • Removable shelves

Technical information:

  • Manutal thermostat
  • Operating temperature +30 / +90°C (at ambient temperature +25°C / 60% RH)
  • Fine air-flow thanks to radial built-in fan
  • Water tray for humidification of inner space
  • Voltage 230V / 50Hz