3 Tier Food To Go Heated Display

3 Tier Food To Go Heated Display

3 Tier Food To Go Heated Display
Self Service
13 amp plug  

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This hot display case with convective heating is equipped by the heating element placed above the water tray which enables the air humidification inside the heated exhibition space and by the axial flow fan which is standardly used in convection ovens. Due to this technical solution is inside the whole space the same, constant temperature and humidity. Required temperature can be set up by the mechanic thermostat placed in the back part of the showcase. The halogen or the fluorescent light is placed in the upper part of the showcase. A removable rack allows the extension of the display area.

Technical data

  • complete stainless-steel construction
  • front curved glass - easy removable
  • water drawer for humidification of inner space
  • forced air circulation - equal distribution of hot air

Versions - model lengths:

  • standard – 1GN, 1S, 1B, 2GN, 3GN, 4GN, 6GN
  • high – 2GN, 3GN, 4GN
  • self-service – 2GN, 3GN, 1S self-service (2 or 3 shelves)

1GN, 1SGN, 1BGN, 2GN with back hinged door
3GN, 4GN, 6GN with back sliding door
1S self-service with front hinged plexi-glass door and back double wing glass door

accessories: cutting board,